Neruo Sports Lab & Melbourne Headache Centre

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Melbourne Headache Centre is collaborating with Neuro Sports Labs to provide the best outcomes for people suffering concussion. Neuro sports labs brings expertise in measuring brain function in people with concussion and Melbourne Headache Centre brings expertise in treating people with post concussion syndrome.

If you are suffering from concussion and you would like to work with us to better understand your condition, and see if we are able to help alleviate symptoms and improve your brain function follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1 : contact Neruo Sports Lab

Book in for an assessment with A/Professor Alan Pearce at Neuro Sports Labs, to measure neurophysiological changes in your brain function using Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and sensory testing.

Step 2 : Contact Melbourne Headache Centre

Book with Roger O'Toole under the concussion program at the Melbourne Headache Centre.  As there can be a wait of 2-4 weeks for an assessment, you can make this booking prior to visiting Neuro Sports Lab, but ensure that the Neuro Sports Labs assessment comes first, before visiting Melbourne Headache Centre.

Step 3 : Re-assessment with Neuro Sports Labs

Test your changes in brain function compared to symptomatic changes from treatment, and reassess further treatment