Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee is one of the many things that sets the Melbourne Headache Centre apart from other clinics and practitioners. We enter treatment by agreement and in consultation with you. We view treatment as a collaboration between clinician and client and together we can work very effectively to help you successfully manage your condition.

We guarantee:

  1. We won't treat you if we cannot demonstrate clearly to you in the initial assessment that your neck is involved.
    The neck is underestimated as a cause in a large proportion of chronic headache and migraine, but not in all cases. Using our precise assessment techniques we can effectively screen out people whose neck is not involved in their condition - typically 20% of assessments.
    This means there is no guesswork. We won't "give it a try" for 4-5 treatments. We know clearly during the first assessment if we can help or not.
  2. We expect significant change in your condition after the 5th treatment session (over a 2 week period). If we don't agree there has been significant change we stop treatment. This isn't to say you will "be cured" by the fifth session, only that there should be a significant difference in your condition.
  3. We expect a vast majority to be self managing their condition with little or no ongoing treatment within 6 weeks

In short, we know who we can help (and who we can't), we can help them relatively quickly, and for most, we don't need to continue treating beyond the first few weeks. This is highlighted by our average number of treatments per client:  7.5 in successful cases, 4 in unsuccessful ones.

What this means is we know what to expect, and when we should see change by, and won't waste your time if we are not meeting our own, let alone your, expectations.