Migraine Triggers

Coffee Beans And Chocolate

Life with migraine is hard enough, without missing out on one of life’s great pleasures – chocolate. ​It’s entirely understandable how you would just try and avoid everything that you suspect might possibly trigger an episode, but the research tells a story that might suggest a change in eating habits won’t bring on an attack for…

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Treat a cause of migraine

Treat Cause Of Migraine

Follow me on a little story that describes the standard approach to headache and migraine and why it often doesn’t work in the long run. You are sitting in the living room watching the news and the weather forecast comes on. Rain. That little feeling in the pit of your stomach kicks in. Just relax…

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Cloudy with a Chance of Migraine

Weather Related Migraines

Up to 53% of migraineurs report weather changes as a consistent trigger making it one of the most commonly reported triggers for migraine behind stress, hormones and skipped meals. A subject of interest as far back as 1974, researchers have spent decades trying to examine the question: Does weather actually trigger migraine attacks, and if…

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